About the sneaker | A161


A161 is a reference to the Amsterdam address where the silhouettes was first drawn. A city that’s celebrates it’s diversity and it’s freedom, a city to proud of to call home. The A161 is created to be worn everyday.

It’s fresh design is based for comfort and quality. We choose high quality fabrics to guarantee comfort while wearing these exclusive sneakers. The mesh gives a soft touch but it’s topped with Italian suede and leather.

We channeled Amsterdam’s freedom in the design of the upper, where we choose multiple layers to represent the diversity of people, culture and districts within our hometown. With the typical colors this silhouette represents the place of it’s birth. From Zuidas to Zeeburg, from Geuzenveld to Bijlmer. All districts of our hometown inspired us to design a contemporary classic. The sneaker is an homage to the most beautiful city of the world, Amsterdam.

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